Application of Resurrect

Resurrect Instructions for use


1) In the three months leading up to treatment with resurrect, quarantine from sheep* sufficient paddocks to support treated animals for at least 1 month. Number paddocks in the order of the most recent to have sheep* to the longest without sheep.


2) Treat all sheep on the property with Zolvix according to manufacturer’s guidelines (do not under or overdose). Sheep may be put immediately into the paddock with the highest number according to step 1 (longest without sheep) immediately after treatment with Zolvix. Alternatively, sheep may be held on grating or in yards for up to 24 hours before being put into the paddock with the highest number according to step 1)


3) Fourteen days (14 days) following Zolvix treatment inoculate with Resurrect according to instructions. Sheep may be returned to the same paddock.


4) Graze paddocks as per normal management but in DESCENDING order according to numerical values given to paddocks given in step 1. Aim to have paddocks “sheep* free” for 3 summer months or 6 winter months before being grazed with Resurrect treated sheep. N.B. this may not be possible in many cases, but will reduce the number of Resurrect treatments required to reach peak Haemonchus contortus susceptibility.


5) Sheep must either have a detectable worm egg count before being moved into an unexposed paddock or remain undrenched since the initial inoculation with Resurrect. The term “unexposed” is used here in the context of any paddocks which have not been exposed to sheep carrying the current treatment of Resurrect.


6) Drench only when egg counts begin to rise. If all paddocks have been grazed since the initial inoculation, the program is complete and drenching can be carried out as desired.


*or any other ruminant or pseudo ruminant known to support problematic levels of Haemonchus contortus. Such animals include sheep, goats and alpacas.


Resurrect mixing instructions


Ensure you have read “Resurrect - instructions for use” before mixing product.


1) Remove Resurrect from refrigeration and allow to stand for 1 – 6 hours at room temperature. Do not sit in direct sunlight.


2) Rock container 3 - 4 times gently until sediment is thoroughly suspended.


3) Pour contents into a 5 litre drenching pack (Caution: do not use packs, hoses or guns which at any time have come into contact with any drench or pesticide as this may result in destruction of the product).


4) Rinse Resurrect container 2 – 3 times and pour rincings into the 5 litre drenching pack.


5) Gently fill the 5 litre pack with water to the 5 litre mark. Product is now ready for administration to animals.


6) Administer to animals at a rate of 10mL per animal orally 14 - 16 days post treating with Zolvix.